What to do if your form isn't working

If you’re experiencing problems loading your typeform or results, or seeing error messages, please check our Status page. If you're unable to publish your typeform, check if you've reached your response limit or are using trial features.

You can also check out one of our FAQ or troubleshooting guides:

If your issue is not described in any of the above, please try the following:

1. Open your typeform in Private or Incognito mode. This lets you open your typeform in a new browser window without any settings or extensions. (If this step works and your typeform loads, try step 2 in the original browser window.) 

2. Clear your browser’s cache and cookie data. Now close and restart your browser, and try your typeform again.

3. Disable any plugins/extensions on your current browser, as these might affect your typeform. Close and reopen your browser, then load the typeform and test it again.

4. Test your typeform on a different web browser (we support Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox).

5. Turn off automatic translation in Chrome.

6. Restart your device.

If things are still not better, contact support using the button at the end of this article.

To help us fix your problem as quickly as possible, please give us as much of the following information as you can:

1. Include your typeform URL.

2. Make a screen recording of the issue so we can see exactly what you see. You can use Loom, a free and simple tool that allows you record your screen, and share the results. You just need an email address to create an account. Here’s how to record your screen on iOS devices.

3. If you can’t do this, please send screenshots of the error instead.

4. Please also visit this page, and send us the link that is provides. It tells us about your browser and operating system.

5. Explain the steps you took when the error happened.

6. Explain what you expected to happen (for example, “I expected my report to load”). The more detail you give us, the faster we’ll be able to get to the bottom of your issue.

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