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[Video course] How to collect and qualify leads with Typeform

In this short video series, you’ll become an expert at collecting and qualifying leads with Typeform. While walking you through how to build a lead capture form, we’ll go over what questions to ask, the best order to ask them in, and which features will help you get the job done.

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Intro to lead generation

Lead generation is all about collecting key information from your audience to understand if they’re a good fit for your business. Before we start creating our lead gen form, we'll outline why it’s an essential step in the sales process.

Building your lead capture form

From structure to content, there's tons to think about if you want to create the perfect lead capture form. First, we'll take you through the questions you need to ask yourself to get the info that you need from your leads. Then, we'll talk about the content, including the must-have questions, and the ones that are better left out. Finally, we'll walk you through the step-by-step creation process in Typeform.

Adding Logic to your form

Now that our lead capture form is set up, personalize the experience to make sure that each lead sees the right questions at the right time. Here, we’ll add Logic to our form to ensure that our leads are going down the right question path.

Designing and sharing your form

Decking out your typeform with your company’s colors, font, and logo will make it easily recognizable and ensure continuity with your brand. First, we'll show you how to add some flair to your form. Then, we'll take you through how to embed your typeform in your website.

Connecting Typeform to your workflow

It's time to close the loop on our lead capture form by connecting Typeform to our CRM. Here, we’re going to connect Typeform to HubSpot so that our leads will automatically be turned into contact entries every time somebody fills in our form.

Congratulations! You’ve finished our video series and become a whiz at whipping up typeforms to collect and qualify leads. Ready for more? Don’t miss our video series on growing your mailing list here.

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