Save and return to your form later

Respondents can start your typeform, close it, and return later without losing their answers.

Your audience doesn't have to complete a typeform in one sitting. They can start to fill one in, close it, and then return later and their answers will still be there. The only rule is they have to be on the same browser and device (and not in Incognito or Private browsing mode). Their answers will be kept safely in their browser's local storage, for 15 days. When they open the typeform again, they'll be taken to the start of the form, but will see their existing answers from their last visit. They can edit those answers and fill out the rest of the questions before submitting.

When creating a typeform, you can also choose to enable or disable autosave progress for your respondents. Check out this article to find out how.

Can I see partial responses?

Responses are only saved by Typeform when someone hits the Submit button at the end of your form or the Submit and continue button when you've added a Partial submit point, which serves as consent from the respondent to have their answers recorded.

Partial responses may be reflected in a form's drop-off rates. Our system detects drop-off events when a form is started and then closed without submitting results. Drop-off is added to the last viewed question of the form.

If a respondent returns to the form and continues, this drop-off is removed from that question, and the rate will return to zero if the typeform is submitted (completed).

Because respondents can leave a form partway through and return later on the same device and browser, you may see your drop-off rate improving over time.

If you'd like to collect as much information as you can about your respondents as soon as possible, add a Partial submit point to your form. Responses to questions answered before reaching the Partial Submit Point will be collected and you'll be able to see the corresponding data in your Results panel. Alternatively, consider splitting the typeform into two shorter forms and linking them together. Here's a guide to doing just that!

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