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How to add Pexels video to your form

Pexels is a public library of beautiful looped videos that you can use to bring your forms to life. You can choose how to display them and even use them as a background image for your questions.

1. Open your form, select or add a question where you want to add a video, then click the + button next to Image or video in the Question tab. 


2. Our media selection tool will open. Click Video, and then you can browse the Pexels video library by scrolling, or by typing into the search bar. 


Search the Pexels library using keywords relevant to what you're looking for. If you don't find what you want immediately, try other similar words.

The previews are not animated - to see the video you need to add it to your form.

4. Click on the video you want to add. It'll automatically load in your form, and you can drag the media gallery on the screen to get a full view.

2024-04-11_14-18-41 (1).gif

5. Exit the media gallery once you've picked a video you're happy with. Now, you can edit the Layout and Brightness of your Pexels video using the side menu on the right.


6. You can always change your Pexels video, or remove it by clicking the Change or Delete buttons next to Image or video.


Note! Pexels videos are silent - use them for illustration! If you want video with audio, use video from YouTube or Vimeo, or embed a videoask.

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