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How to identify your respondents

Want to find out who responded to your typeform?

Even typeforms can't guess names or email addresses! Typeforms are anonymous by default, and we don't store respondents' geolocation information, so forms can't reveal who someone is unless you’ve asked them or you already have their information stored elsewhere.

So to identify your respondents you need to either:

1. Ask a person for the name, email address, or other identification directly in your typeform. Do this with a Contact Info, Email, or Short text question.

2. If you already have your respondent’s information in your database you can pass the name, email, ID, or all of these via Hidden Fields in the URL of the typeform.

This way, the information will appear in your Results along with answers to the questions. Not only that, you can feed this information into your typeform and make it more personal.

Please refer to this Help Center article on Hidden Fields to find out how this is done.

Warning! There's no way to identify respondents from data you've already collected, unless you’ve used either of the above methods.

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