The Submit button

Every time someone completes a form, they have to tap the Submit button, at which point the answers are sent to your Results.

This article explains how the button works and how you can edit it.

Where does the Submit button appear?

Respondents will see the Submit button right after the last question or field of your form. Tapping the button sends their answers to your Typeform account, and then shows respondents an End screen.


Can I change the text of the Submit button?

1. Yes! Click on the Settings icon.


2. Select Language.


3. Scroll down until you see Button to send typeform under System messages. Click on the text to edit it.


4. Hit Save.


Using the Submit button with Statement or Payment questions

If the last question in your form is a Statement or Payment question, the Submit button will appear instead of the standard button for these question types.

If your form is going to end on a Statement or Payment question, and you want different text to appear instead of "Submit", you must change the Submit button text, as detailed above.

Simply changing the Button text on the question itself will have no effect. For example, in the Statement question shown below, the user has changed the question Button text from "Continue" to "Fantastic!". 

2024-03-28_12-13-20.pngHowever, if the Statement question is the last question in the form, this customized button text won't appear. Instead, the button will say "Submit" unless the user changes the Submit button text in Messages to say "Fantastic!". 

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