Enable or disable autosave progress for your respondents

You can choose to enable or disable autosave progress that stores your respondents’ answers in their web browser before submitting your typeform. This lets respondents close your typeform and come back later to finish and submit it.

When respondents start filling in a typeform, but don’t submit it, their answers will automatically be stored in their web browser for 15 days by default. This means that if they return to a typeform after closing their browser, they’ll see their previous responses, and won’t have to go through answering those questions again.

If you want to disable this feature, for example, for privacy reasons, you can simply toggle a switch in the Typeform editor to do so. This feature only impacts your respondents' experience. As the form creator, you will always only be able to see their responses when they submit a form.

Note! Responses are saved locally in the browser, so if a respondent clears their cache or their cache is cleared automatically when closing the browser, their response data will be lost.


To enable or disable autosave progress for your respondents:

1. Open up an existing typeform or create a new one and go to form Settings:


2. Toggle the Autosave progress switch:


That’s it! This feature works on the form level, so you can control the autosave progress behavior of each individual typeform. The autosave progress switch is turned on by default.

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