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Combine an Outcome quiz with Logic branching

This article shows you how to combine Branching and calculations, which only shows questions that are relevant to respondents, with the Outcome quiz feature, which shows different Endings to your respondents based on their answer combinations. Easy steps for a powerful result—read on to learn more!

Note: Logic isn't available on our mobile builder just yet. Edit your form on desktop to get the full power of Logic!

In this example, we’ll set logic for Quiz and scoring and Outcome quiz, which you’ll see in the Logic panel.


Here’s how to do it

This form asks ‘Are you a cat or a dog person?’. The answer will send them down different logic paths, and later we ask both groups ‘So now, pineapple on your pizza?’.


From question 4, we want to send people to different custom Ending screens.

If you’re a cat person who likes pineapple on pizza, you see this.


If you’re a dog person who likes pineapple on pizza, you see this.


But if you’re either a dog or a cat person who doesn’t like pineapple on pizza, we want to show this.


In Logic, we'll use Branching and calculations to first send people down different paths based on whether they’re a cat or a dog person. Once they finish answering questions related to their personality type, they’ll all arrive at the pizza question.


Now we’ll assign Endings to answers with Outcome quiz, like below. In this way, people who like Cats or Dogs and don’t like pineapple on pizza will see the Ending screen ‘OK, how about pickles on pizza?‘.


Yay! You just got out of a pickle by mixing and matching different types of Logic.

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