Freshdesk integration: Troubleshooting, limitations, and other FAQs

You can find the answers to some of the most common questions about our Freshdesk integration here.

Is there a guide to setting up the Freshdesk integration?

Yes, you can find our guide to setting up the Freshdesk integration here, and the list of supported field mappings here.

Can I map to ticket category depending on the answer to a question in my form?

No, you can't currently map to the ticket category depending on answers to questions in your form, but you can choose a category by default. All the tickets created from your form will be assigned to the same category.

Can I backfill previous responses?

No, backfilling previous responses from a form to automatically create tickets is currently not supported.

Can I use Hidden Fields to map to the email field in Freshdesk?

No, the mapping of Hidden Fields to Freshdesk fields is currently not supported.

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