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How to send personalized forms to your students with Thinkific

You can automate sending personalized forms to your students by using Hidden Fields with your form, and sending them with the Thinkific email notification system.

Doing this means students will not need to enter their names or email addresses, as they will be fed through to the form from Thinkific, via Hidden Fields.

First you have to build your course review form, with Hidden Fields for name and email. This data will be pulled from your Thinkific enrollment list.

Here is an example of what your form build might look like. Here, we've used a Short Text question (with Recall information referencing the Hidden Field for name), a Long Text question asking for feedback, a Rating question asking the respondent to rate the course, and an Ending:


Here's how to set up Hidden Fields.

This article explains how to set up your Thinkific email to send personalized email notifications. When including a form link with Hidden Fields in a Thinkific email, replace the 'xxxxx' strings in the form link with the corresponding Thinkific email variable syntax. 

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