Quiz and scoring: what's the difference between Outcome quiz and Score quiz?

There are two simple ways to create a quiz with Typeform and show respondents different endings based on their answers.

You can create an Outcome quiz to link answers to different endings, or a Score quiz to assign points to answers.

With the Outcome quiz you can show different outcomes by linking each answer in each question to an ending. After answering the questions in your typeform, people will see an ending based on their most common response.

Outcome quizzes are perfect for product recommendations or for creating personality quizzes.

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With a Score quiz, you can show people different endings by assigning points to their responses and a score range to each ending. As people go through your typeform, their scores will be added up, and they’ll see an ending based on their score range when they submit the form.

Score quizzes are great for segmenting leads by scoring them or for assessing knowledge.

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Here’s how Quiz and scoring works:

1. Open up an existing typeform or create a new one.

2. Go to the Logic tab, and select Quiz and scoring.

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3. Select Outcome quiz to assign answers to endings or Score quiz to assign points to answers:

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4. If you’ve chosen Outcome quiz, simply link the answers to different endings and click Save:

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5. If you’ve chosen Score quiz, add a score to each answer and click Save.

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6. Go to the Question tab and click an ending to start assigning score ranges.


7. Enter a score range for each ending and click Save.

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To make your quiz more fun for the competitive folks out there, you can also use Recall information to show people their score:

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You can read more about creating quizzes with typeform here.

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