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Dropdown question

Dropdown lists are great for adding several answer options to a question - and whether you're asking people where they're from or what their favorite ice cream flavor or chemical element is, you won't have to worry about entering list elements one by one. 

1. Add a Dropdown question to your typeform in the Create panel. Click the + button in the left-hand Content tab, and choose Dropdown from the list:


2. Now, add options to your Dropdown question by clicking Add choices.


3. Type or paste in your list items, with each one on its own line. 


4. Use the Question settings in the right-hand side of the Create panel to set the question as required, randomize or alphabetize the list options, or add an image or video


How long can my dropdown list be?

You can add up to around 30,000 options to your dropdown lists, depending on the overall size of your typeform. However, we recommend splitting huge lists like this into different typeforms with segmented audiences where possible, which will improve respondent experience. 


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