Send file uploads to Google Drive

If you want to make sure that all the file attachments you collected with your forms are stored in a location conveniently accessible to you, then try out our Google Drive question.

This is what you’ll need:

- A paid Typeform account

- A Google account

Note! The Google Drive question supports all file types, with a maximum file size of 10MB.

Set up a new integration with Google Drive by adding a Google Drive question in the Create panel

Here’s how to add a Google Drive question to your form:

1. Go to the Create panel, and click + Add content to add a new question.

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 11.52.58.png

2. Search for or select Google Drive under the Other section.

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 11.49.42.png

3. Click Authenticate to give Typeform permission to connect to your Google Drive account.


Note! You'll only have to go through the authentication steps once per form.

4. Select the Google account you want to use (if you have multiple accounts like I do).


5. Click Allow to give Typeform view, edit, and delete permissions to your Google account.


6. Click Set location to select a folder in your Google Drive where the file uploads will be sent.


7. Click Accept to enable cookies.


8. Now you’ll see all the folders in your Google Drive. Scroll down or search for the folder you want to send file uploads to, select it, and click Select.


9. Once you’ve granted permissions and selected your preferred destination folder, click Save.


10. A File Upload question has been added to your form connected to your Google Drive. You can click Edit to change your destination folder or revoke permissions.

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 11.57.30.png

11. You can also add a File Upload question and click Connect to integrate it with Google Drive, or you can open up a previously added File Upload question to connect that.

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 13.15.50.png

12. To delete the integration, click Edit and select Revoke in the permissions section.

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 13.16.42.png

Note that by revoking permissions, all the questions connected to your Google Drive in this form will be disconnected. Click Continue if you’re sure this is what you want to do.


You can also just delete a question connected to your Google Drive to disconnect it, but keep in mind that if you’ve collected responses to that question already, those responses will be deleted too. This doesn’t impact the files uploaded to your Google Drive.


13. Make sure to hit Publish on your form when you're ready to start collecting file uploads through Google Drive.


You’re all set up! All files uploaded to your form will be sent to the Google Drive folders you’ve just selected.

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