View scores in Results

Here's how you can see the scores people who completed your typeform received in the Results section.

Open your typeform from your Workspace, and head to the Results panel:


To see results for individual submissions, click on the Responses tab.

View scores in Table view

The Score column shows the score total for each submission in Table view. 


Click the expand icon by any response to get a vertical, one-by-one view of responses:


A sidebar will open on the right-hand side of the screen with the full content of the response you chose. Your score will show at the bottom: 


Click the arrows in the top left of the sidebar to navigate between responses. 

You can also view score results in a spreadsheet if you export your results.

View scores in Inbox view

To view scores for individual submissions in Inbox view, click any response from the list on the left. The score appears under the Response Variables field. 



Tips! We recommend using Table view for an improved look at individual responses. Table and Inbox view have the same features, but shiny new updates will only be released to Table view in the future. To switch to Table view, click the Table button in the top right of your Responses tab.

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