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Google Analytics 4 FAQ

As Google is retiring its Universal Analytics (UA) and replacing it with Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you might have some questions about using the Typeform integration after making the switch to GA4. We've collected the answers to some of the most common questions here.

Where can I find the GA4 key that I need to add to typekit-analytics?

Select the Google Analytics account you want to use, then go to Admin, click Data Streams and select the Data Stream to view its details. Under Stream details, you'll see the Measurement ID value that you'll need to copy.


How can I view the event properties in real time?

To view event properties in real time, go to Reports, select Engagement and click Events. Now you can select the property you want to view from the panel on the right side.

Typeform's custom events are TypeformQuestionPassed and TypeformSubmit and they contain the following:

- event_category: formId

- value: title of the question / form


How to create a Custom dimension?

To create a Custom dimension, go to Admin and under Custom definitions click Create custom dimensions:


You can find tracking information about the Custom dimensions you've created under Events:


Where can I find the URL of the parent page for embedded forms?

On an embedded form using the share-ga-instance, you can see the original URL by going to Realtime and filtering users by First user source in the bottom left panel.


Why am I seeing a discrepancy between the number of GA4 events in my GA dashboard and the number of responses submitted to my form?

The following can prevent Typeform's analytics events from being sent to GA:

- If a respondent is using an ad blocker tool like AdBlock.

- If a respondent doesn't accept cookies in the cookie consent banner of the typeform.

- If a respondent is using iOS on mobile in Safari, which has cross-site scripting turned off by default.

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