Embed videoask responses in a form

Embedding responses to your videoask in a typeform makes it a cinch to share testimonials, survey responses, customer feedback, and more with your team. Read on to learn how it’s done!

Looking to embed videoask questions in your typeform? Head over to our guide here.

1. Open your videoask from the left-hand sidebar in your VideoAsk dashboard. Click on the response you’d like to share.


2. Click the Share icon.


3. Toggle on the Share individual answer option:


This will only share the individual answer you have chosen. If you have a multi-step videoask, sharing an individual answer won’t share the respondent’s answers to the other steps.

You can toggle the Share entire interaction option to get a share link for all answers to a multi-step videoask, but this link can’t be embedded as a video in Typeform.

4. Copy the share link and click Done to close the dialog.

Note: Making your videoask answer shareable means that anyone with the link to this response will be able to view it.

5. Open the typeform where you want to embed the videoask answer. Click + in the left-hand sidebar of the Create panel and add a Statement question.

6. Click Add next to Image or video in the right-hand Question settings menu. This will open the media gallery.


7. Click the Video tab. Paste the videoask share link you copied into the YouTube or Vimeo field and click Add.


Use the Layout menu in the right-hand sidebar to change the position of the videoask response. You'll only be able to use the inline or floating options:


8. Create as many Statement questions as necessary to share more videoask responses. Click Publish to publish your typeform once you’ve added everything.


Now, you can share these responses with anyone who has the typeform link!

Want to share all the answers from a particular respondent, or all of the responses to a certain videoask? Check out this article to learn how to get share links for these and more options. While these links won’t generate embeddable videos, you can paste them in the text of a typeform question for easy reference.

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