Startup discount at Typeform

Getting started isn’t easy. That’s why we increased our startup discount to help give you a head start and scale with Typeform for a full year.

If you meet the criteria below, you can sign up to get started with Typeform at 75% off our Business plan for a year. This discount is only available on a yearly plan.

Check out our startup page to see why making personal connections at scale is your key to accelerating growth.

Your startup must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the discount:

  • Your startup must be at a seed stage.
  • Your startup must have less than $1 million in funding.
  • Your startup must have less than $1 million in lifetime revenue.
  • Your startup must not be an existing Typeform customer.

Ready to say hello to Typeform? Apply for the discount here.

Head to this link for Typeform’s full terms and conditions.

Not a startup? Check out this article about the non-profit, NGO and student discounts that we offer.

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