Let your respondents navigate through your form freely before submitting it

You can customize your respondents' experience by letting them scroll past required questions and come back to them later while filling out your typeform.

By default, people will be shown an error message when they try to scroll through a required question, and they won’t be able to move on to the next question until they respond to it:


However, you can control this behavior by toggling the Free form navigation switch in your form Settings:


The Free form navigation switch is turned off by default, but when you turn it on, people will be able to scroll through required questions in your typeform without responding to them.


This will let your respondents navigate freely through your typeform without having to answer each question in a linear order. This can be great for use cases where people might want to get an overview of your typeform before answering each question, or if they want to answer questions in their preferred order.

Note that people won’t be able to submit a form that includes required questions without answering them, even if they were able to scroll through them initially. They’ll see a reminder to answer the required questions they skipped and they’ll be taken back to unanswered required questions when they try to submit your form:


Note! Questions with Logic are set to required by default. If you've toggled Free form navigation to on, respondents will need to answer the question before moving on to the next question, as the form doesn't know where to skip respondents until they've selected an answer. However, if you've set up In ALL other cases jump to Logic, respondents will be able to navigate through your form freely with Free form navigation toggled on as the form will know where to skip respondents to if they didn't answer the question. 

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