Test your forms without creating an entry (for advanced users)

Here's one way to test your typeforms without creating an entry.

Note: The instructions below should be followed exactly for them to work correctly. Typeform cannot remove accidentally-created entries from your total monthly response count. If you're not confident following the below instructions, we recommend using the preview option in the Create panel instead to test your typeform's flow without sending real submissions. 

If you add…


… to your typeform URL's query string, you can test without adding an entry to your results or affecting your metrics.

Your typeform's URL will look something like this:<form_id>?__dangerous-disable-submissions

If you're using Hidden Fields in your typeform, you need to add the following string (highlighted in orange) before the # in the URL.<form_id>?__dangerous-disable-submissions#hiddenfield=xxxxx

Test embedded forms without creating submissions

When using the Embed SDK or an embed code snippet, you can use the enableSandbox option to disable submissions and tracking in your embedded typeform.

For example:

<div data-tf-widget="<form-id>" data-tf-enable-sandbox></div>
<script src="//"></script>


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