Why is my form tagged 'Paid'?

Is your form tagged as 'Paid'? Not sure why this is happening or what to do?

On Typeform's Free Plan, you can preview certain paid features. All forms created under a Free plan that use these paid features will be tagged as 'Paid' and set to closed by default. You will not be able to receive new responses on these forms. 

Don’t worry, though, it’s pretty easy to detect and remove these paid features and make your form public.

Why is my form tagged Paid?

Any form using the following features will be tagged as Paid:

If you have a form that is tagged as 'Paid' it means the form has at least one of the above paid features enabled.

To be able to switch your form to Public mode, you’ll have to remove the 'Paid' tag. And to be able to do that, you’ll have to make sure you remove every paid feature in your form.

Once you’ve removed all paid features, you'll need to republish your form. To do this, click the Publish button. It will turn gray, and your form will be shareable again:


How do I detect and remove paid features?

If you’re not sure which paid feature(s) are enabled in your form, just click the black Publish button in the top right of the screen.


You can quickly check the questions in your form that have one or more paid features by looking for the small Paid icons in the Create panel.


You need to remove all paid features, or all questions that take you above the 10 question limit, if you want to share your form without upgrading your account.

Once you’ve removed all Paid features, you'll need to click the Publish button to make your form public.

Payment question

A Payment question is represented by icon with a credit card symbol. To remove a question, click the three dots next to it and select Delete, as shown.


File Upload

You can spot a File Upload question by its icon with a folder symbol. To remove this from your typeform, click the three dots in the question, and select Delete.


Premium themes

Premium themes are labeled Paid in Typeform's theme gallery.


Applying a Premium theme to a form on a Free or Basic account will tag the form as 'Paid'. To remove a Premium theme, simply choose another, non-Premium theme from the gallery, or design your own.  

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