Close your form

Want to stop receiving new responses, close your typeform after the first 100 submissions, or close your form on a certain date? Access and scheduling lets you do this, as well as manually close your typeform whenever you need, and set up a custom closed message.

1. To do this, click on the settings button (gear icon) in the right-hand sidebar when editing your typeform:


Then click Access and scheduling.

2. A new menu will appear, where you can close your typeform. Our Business plan also give you the options to schedule a close date, set a response limit and show a custom closed message.


Below is an example of the message respondents will see when your typeform is closed.


This feature allows you to program exactly when to close your typeform: great for competitions and time sensitive projects.

If you choose to set a response limit, note that responses will be counted from the moment you click Save on the settings menu, not from the moment the form was published. For example, if you set a response limit of 100 after your form has already collected 50 responses, the form will close after the 150th response, not the 100th response. 

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