Redirect respondents to a Calendly invite (workaround)

If you’re using Typeform to collect contact information and Calendly to let your responders schedule appointments with you, you can use this workaround to pass contact information from your typeform to your Calendly invite.

You can check out this article to see how to pass information from one typeform to another with Hidden Fields and Redirect to URL (Plus or above feature).

For this workaround, we’ll use the Redirect to URL feature in Typeform, but instead of Hidden Fields, we’ll add variables from Calendly to pre-populate invitee information. You can read more about those here.

Here’s how you can work your way around this:

1. Have your typeform with a Name and an Email question and your Calendly invite link ready.

2. Click the sign next to Endings in the left-hand sidebar. Choose Redirect to URL

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 12.50.41.png

3. Go to Calendly and click Copy link on your invite.


4. Paste your Calendly link in the Redirect to URL field in Typeform:


5. Click the Settings icon on your Calendly event and select Edit.


6. Click Booking page options. Under Invitee questions, the information we have here is Name and Email, so these are the Calendly variables we’ll have to pass on to our typeform.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 11.03.29.png

7. Check the variables used by Calendly for this information in this help article or in the screenshot below.


8. Now type ? after your meeting URL in your typeform, and add the first Calendly variable to the Redirect to URL field, like so:


9. Type @ to Recall information from the Name question of your typeform:


10. Then type & in the redirect field, followed by the next Calendly variable:


11. Now type @ to Recall information from the typeform’s Email question:


12. Now that you have all the variables from Calendly and all the information from your typeform questions, this is what the final redirect URL looks like:


Tada! All you have to do is publish your typeform, and share its link with your responders.

When people submit the typeform with their contact information, the variables you piped into the redirect link will automatically show up in their Calendly invite:


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