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What is an organization?

When you're invited to a Typeform shared workspace by a Plus or higher user, you join that user's organization. This article explains how to switch between any organizations you are in.

How to switch organizations

When you log in to your account, it'll open your Workspaces and organization. Your organization may include personal and shared Workspaces.

1. To change organizations and view a Workspace you were invited to, click the account alias in the top left corner of your Workspace.


2. This opens a menu.


3. The list of organizations you've been invited to appears under Your organizations. In this case, the user is the owner of one organization and has been invited to four others.


If you're a member of many organizations, click See all your organizations at the bottom of the menu to view the full list.

4. To switch organizations, click on the organization name you want to view, and you'll now see all the Workspaces you share with that user. You'll also see that the organization name next to your account avatar has changed (in this case to SuccessTeam).


Who owns an organization?

You can invite others to join an organization, but you cannot change the owner of an organization. Whoever created the Typeform account will always be the owner of the organization.

How do I remove someone from my organization?

First, make sure you are viewing your own organization. It'll be the first one on the organizations menu, and the name of the organization will also appear as the account alias at the top of the menu.


Now, click Org members


On the Org members settings page, you can see a list of all the members in your organization. To remove a member, click the dropdown arrow by their name and click Remove from organization


You'll see a warning popup to check you're really sure. Removing a member of your organization will remove them from all Workspaces in the organization. Any unshared Workspaces that member had created within the organization will be added to your account. Any integrations that member set up will remain active.

If you're sure want to remove the member, click Remove.


How do I leave an organization?

Currently, the only way to leave an organization is for an owner or admin to remove you. When you are a member of an organization, you can only see Workspaces you are invited to within that organization.

How many people can join my organization?

This depends on your account. If you have a Plus account, for example, you can have yourself and two more users. For more on upgrading your account and adding team members, go here.

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