Date question

Need to ask for date of birth, add an appointment scheduler, or test your respondents’ knowledge about historical days? You can do all that with the Date question!

To add a Date question to your typeform, open the form from your Workspace. Click the sign in the left-hand Content tab, then select Date:


Typeform offers the 3 most common date formats used worldwide:

  • Month-Day-Year
  • Year-Month-Day
  • Day-Month-Year

Select your preferred format from the dropdown menus in the Question tab. You can specify the date format you want to use, as well as the separator character between days, months, and years. For instance, here's a date question that uses the MMDDYYYY ordering and the slash separator character: 


And here's a question that uses the DDMMYYYY ordering and the dash separator character: 


No matter which date format you choose, respondents must provide a valid 4-digit year when answering the question (for example, 2022 instead of 22). 

Finally, as always, you can add photos, animated GIFs, or videos to this question by clicking Add next to Image or video.


Find out more about adding images to your questions here.

Create a custom date field

If you’d like to have a customized date question (for instance, if you’d only like to offer a short range of dates or the days of the week), you can use the Multiple Choice, Picture Choice, or Dropdown questions:


You may only want to collect a year input (instead of day, month, and year). In that case, you can use a Number question with a limited range or a Dropdown question. If you choose the latter, you can simply copy and paste or type in all possible years (e.g. 1900 – 2015).

Collect time in HH:MM format (workaround)

To collect time in HH:MM format, create a Question Group and add two Number questions:

  • one for the hour, with a value range from 0 to 24

  • one for the minutes, with a value range from 0 to 59.

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