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Time to complete

Time to complete shows your respondents an estimate of how long it will take to finish your typeform, displayed on your Welcome Screen. This means your respondents know what they're getting into before they start.


Our research shows that people are more likely to take a survey when they have an idea of how long it will take, so this is a simple way to increase your response rates. This feature uses machine learning to estimate the time to complete your typeform, and then shows this to respondents on your typeform's Welcome Screen.

When you add a Welcome Screen to your typeform, Time to complete will be switched on by default. To toggle this feature on or off, go to the Question tab in the Create panel.


Our research shows that people are more likely to complete a form with this turned on, as long as the Time to complete is less than 7 minutes.

If your typeform takes 7 minutes or longer to complete, we recommend either turning it off or making a series of shorter typeforms instead. If we estimate that your form will take over 7 minutes, you'll see the message "Takes 7+ min".


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