Send unique promo codes to respondents using Mailchimp

Do you want to reward your customers with unique promos and offers? You can do this using Mailchimp plus a form with Hidden Fields and follow-ups. Read on to find out how.

Get your form ready

1. Upload your list of subscribers to Mailchimp. Make sure you have at least two columns for each of your subscribers: “email” and “id” (for example).
2. Add Hidden Fields to your form and call one something like uniquecode:


3. Create a new follow-up message under the form's settings. Write the email text that you want your respondents to receive after completing your form. At some point in the email text, add the Hidden Field for your promo code using Recall information (type the @ key):


Launch your campaign

Now you need to send out your email campaign with a customized form URL for each subscriber. So, for example, if Mr. Smith was your subscriber and his unique code was 1234, your email to him would include a link to your form like this:

This link would pass Mr. Smith’s unique code (1234) to your form, and to wherever you added the Hidden Field. In this case, that would be the follow-up message he'll receive once he submits his answers.

Of course, editing your URLs manually and sending them one by one to your subscribers would be a pain! Fortunately, you can use Mailchimp’s Merge Tags function to have Mailchimp do it for you. So, in your campaign, the link you should include for your users to click would be something like this:*|id|*

… with the field id being the unique code for your subscriber. Just bear in mind that you'll have to store a unique subscriber ID in your list of subscribers to be able to use it as a Merge Tag in your newsletter.

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