Import questions into Typeform from external sources

Whether you're a new or long-time Typeform user, if you already have a set of questions written down in an external document, you can use the Import questions creation method to instantly create a form from those questions.

Click here to find out how to import questions from an existing Google Form. You can also check out how AI can create the first draft of a form for you here.

To import questions into a form from an external source:

1. Go to your workspace and click + Create new form.

2. Click the Import questions option in the menu that appears.


3. Now you can simply start typing, or copying and pasting your pre-written questions and answer choices into the text field that appears.


You can add questions in just about any language, and you have the option to include answer choices to your questions too. The question importer will take care of formatting your questions, so a list of questions in a basic text format will do.

Note: At the moment, you can add a maximum of 6,000 characters to the importer text box.

4. Below is an example of a list of questions and some answer choices for a simple event registration form:


5. When you’re ready, click Import questions and give AI a little time to craft your form.


6. Lo and behold, your questions have been imported into a shiny new form! As you can see in the screenshot below, the imported questions have different question types based on their content.


In this example, I have some Long Text and Short Text questions asking for contact details, a Yes/No questions asking about accessibility or accommodation requests, some Multiple Choice questions asking about dietary restrictions and the session people want to sign up for, and even a Payment question to complete registration for the event.

7. If you feel like a different question type would be a better option for a specific question, just click the dropdown arrow in its settings to change the question type:


8. If you want to import questions to an existing form, click the + Add content button and select the Import questions tab.

2024-05-21_14-46-11 (1).gif

9. You can type, or copy and paste your pre-written questions and answer choices into the text field that appears (like in step 3). Click Import questions when you're ready.


Your questions will be added to the end of your form. If you'd like to change the order, just drag and drop them to where you want them.

2024-05-21_14-56-52 (1).gifLet’s look at a few other examples of forms created from imported questions.

In the example below, I want to import questions and create a contact form, with the option to set up a meeting with my respondents. I’ve also included some answer choices:


Here’s what the finished form looks like, with dedicated Short Text, Email, Phone Number, Address, Yes/No, Calendly, and Multiple Choice questions, the latter showing the answer choices that I included in my original prompt.


In the next example, there are several questions about employee satisfaction that have been turned into an employee satisfaction survey by the importer, with a set of Opinion Scale questions in the form.


Another great example is a job application form, where applicants can be asked several Long Text questions about why they applied for the job, or why they would be a good fit for the position.


Now that you’ve imported your questions into Typeform, you can take it to the next level by adding logical conditions to branch and score it based on people’s answers, make it more personalized by adding Recall information, or tweak it with some cool design elements.

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