Where can I find the design tools to add images?

If you were ever wondering where you can find the tools to create a beautiful typeform design, you’ll find the answers to your questions here.

How can I add images to my typeform questions?

You can do this by either applying a theme to your typeform with a background image, or by adding an image to an individual question and applying a layout. Learn more about themes here, and scroll here to learn about adding images. 

Alternatively, you can also add images to your answer options in a Picture Choice question.

Custom CSS is not currently supported for typeforms. 

What’s the difference between a background image and an image layout?

The key difference between a background image and an image layout is that the background image applies to the whole typeform, while a layout only applies to the image for a given question.

How can I add a background image?

To add a background image, go to the Design panel and select a theme there. You can then add a new theme or edit an existing one by clicking the three dots.


To add or remove a background image, click Add or Remove next to Background image. All the design changes you make here will apply to the whole typeform.


You can read more about adding a background image in the Design panel here.

How can I add an image to a question?

To add an image to a typeform question, go to the Editor panel, and select add Image or video. You can then upload an image, or search for one. This image will only apply to the given question.


Then, you can choose which layout you'd like your media to appear in. 


You can read more about adding images and GIFs with image layouts here.

Can I use a question image and a background image at the same time?

Yes, by all means! Let’s take a look at an example.

In the screenshot below, the swirly paint pattern is part a background image added in the Design panel. This is the same in every question of the form, including Welcome Screens and Endings. 


The rainbow-coloured "hang loose" sign is an image, added under Question. It's a .png with a transparent background. 

You can read more about image sizes here, and using image alt text to make your images accessible here.

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