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Use Typeform to capture leads through order forms

With Typeform’s range of question options and dozens of available integrations, you can create typeforms that place orders, make bookings, and collect new client details all in one go!

Set up the forms in a matter of minutes, then connect them to the tools you use most—read on to find out how, or click a section name to jump there:

- Your order or booking form, your way

- Give your typeform a home on your page

- Send client details from Typeform to your favorite tools

- Send new tasks from Typeform to other apps

Your order or booking form, your way

There are a million possibilities for creating an order or booking form to meet your business’ needs. Send customers to a Calendly page to make appointments, collect payments within your typeform with a Payment question (with a Basic plan or higher), or redirect clients to a webpage of your choice after they submit the form (with a Plus plan or higher).

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Check out our order form templates for initial inspiration. You can also use our built-in design tools to style your form however you’d like!

Click on one of our guides below for more ideas on building order and booking forms:

- Make an order and payment form

- Get the most out of Logic, variables, and scores (while ordering pizza!)

- Create an order form and shopping basket with Branching and calculations

- How a typeform cut an agency’s lead-to-client time by 40%

- How to build a catered lunch menu selection form

Give your typeform a home on your page

When you publish your typeform, we’ll give you a handy link to send out to your customers. But why stop there? With Typeform’s embed tools, it’s easy to add your form to your webpage in a variety of formats, whether you’re using a custom-built site or a hosting solution like WordPress, Shopify, Square Online, or Squarespace.

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Prefer a more direct route? Add your typeform to an email and connect with your clients right in their inboxes.

Send client details from Typeform to your favorite tools

Maybe your typeform respondents are longtime clients making their regular orders—or maybe they’ve just come across your business, and you’re hoping they’ll stick around!

Use Typeform question types like Contact Info, Email, Phone Number, or Text to collect contact details about the person filling out your form. Then, add an integration to an email marketing or customer relationship management tool (CRM), like Mailchimp or HubSpot.


This way, every time someone submits your typeform, their contact information will be sent to the CRM. Update details about contacts you already have, enroll new leads in email sequences that give them more chances to engage with your business, or create videoasks to follow up with new leads!

Check out our guides to Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Salesforce at the links here.

Browse all Typeform integrations on our Connect page, or click here to read about connecting Typeform with hundreds of other apps through Zapier.

Send new tasks from Typeform to other apps

Using Typeform to collect and qualify new leads’ contact details is a smart move—but, of course, it doesn’t end there! Take advantage of Typeform’s range of integrations to automatically export order details to organizational tools like Calendly,, or Trello.


Don’t see your favorite tool listed here? Check out our Connect page to see all the integrations Typeform offers. For an even wider range of options, use Zapier to connect Typeform to hundreds of other apps—click here to read more.

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