Show or hide question numbers in your form

Looking for an easy way to show or hide the question number of each question in your typeform? Look no more, you can do just that at the flick of a (question number) switch.

Hiding the question number can be very helpful for use cases like typeforms embedded as a unique page, or when you have different forms connected to each other with features like Redirect to URL or Redirect on End Screen.

To show or hide the number of questions in your typeform:

1. Open up an existing typeform or create a new one, and go to question Settings.

2. Toggle the Question number switch:


When the switch is toggled on, people will see the question numbers in your typeform. When the switch is toggled off, people will see your questions in the same order, but without the question numbers. The switch is toggled on by default.

Here’s an example of a typeform with question numbers…


…and here’s one without:


If you’re using Logic to skip questions based on people’s answers, the numbers in your typeform will be automatically renumbered to follow ascending numerical order. So, for example, respondents will always see question 5 after question 4, even if they’ve actually skipped some questions thanks to the magic of Logic in the backend.


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