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Create a Typeform account

Typeform lets you collect data in a conversational, human way. An account is free, and it’s really easy to sign up! Here’s how.

1. You can sign up from this page! – just click Sign up in the top right corner! Alternatively, go to typeform.com and click the Sign up button there:


2. Now you’ll see the sign-up page. Enter your name, email address and choose a password. You have to agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and you can choose to get emails from us with useful things like tips, inspiration offers and more.


You can also select the Sign up with Google or Sign up with Microsoft option to create a Typeform account with those credentials.

Click Create my free account to continue.

Note! You have to verify your email account (except if you sign up with Google or Microsoft), so make sure you enter the correct address!

3. Open your email inbox, and you’ll see an email from Typeform with the subject line Activate your Typeform account:


Click the Activate my account button, and you’ll be taken straight into your new Typeform account. If you don’t receive the email, check your email spam folder, or click the Resend email button.

This verification step is not required for signups with Google or Microsoft credentials, so your Typeform account will be created without an activation email.

Note! You can't change the email address associated with your account if you sign up using Google or Microsoft. If you want to change this email address or have trouble changing your password, scroll down to Contact Support and get in touch with the team.

4. To help get you started, we'll ask a few questions about you, your organization, and the work you do. This helps us show you templates that are most relevant to you.


You can click Skip if you'd prefer not to answer the whole questionnaire.

5. Now you’ll see all the templates we offer relevant to your choices. Click one to get started, or choose Cancel to go to your Workspace:


If you choose a template, it’ll now open for you to preview, and you can then add it to your account.

If not, you can start a new typeform from scratch or a template by clicking the + Create typeform button:


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