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How to make a learning aid like Building Thinkers

In this article, you'll learn how to make an educational typeform that uses Short and Long questions, a Multiple Choice and a Rating question too. Find out more about Building Thinkers’ story here.

Building Thinkers use typeforms on tablets as a classroom teaching aid. Kids take their tablets around the classroom, to different ‘Stations’, where they have to complete tasks, and record their answers in the typeform. Here's how they did it: 

1. Start off with a Welcome screen. Building Thinkers have added a YouTube video, an educational song about the moon.


2. The forms start by asking for the kid’s name with a Short Text question. Otherwise we won’t be able to see whose answers are whose!


Each of the questions following this relate to a station. The student completes the task described in the typeform, and writes their answer.

You can use Short or Long questions for a typeform like this, depending on the kind of answers you expect from students.

3. This typeform continues with a Short Text question, asking kids to sort the phases of the moon into order, and then write down their results.


4. There are 5 questions like the following, which require longer answers from students.


5. We also have a Rating question. Students here have to record themselves explaining how day and night happen, and then say how confident they are in their explanations.


6. There’s a Multiple Choice question, to give some variety to the exercise.


7. And finally, it closes with an Ending, which allows the next student to start over with the tasks.


You could also do this using the Plus feature Redirect to URL, and automatically reload the typeform as soon as a student hits Submit.

Check out the complete typeform here (and listen to the song!). As you can see, it’s really easy to make a classroom quiz like this.

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