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Sharing, embedding & notifications

  • Embed your typeform on popular site builders
  • Add your typeform to your Linktree page
  • Share your typeform
  • Embed your typeform
  • Set up respondent notifications
  • Set up self notifications
  • Turn your typeform into a chat
  • Remove Typeform branding
  • Redirect to URL or redirect with End Screens?
  • Close your typeform
  • Advanced embed options
  • Troubleshooting embedded typeforms
  • Dynamically pass Hidden Fields from a URL to an embedded typeform (for advanced users)
  • Dynamically pass UTM values from a URL to an embedded typeform (for advanced users)
  • Preselect answers through typeform links (for advanced users)
  • Set up notification emails based on score
  • Set up notification emails based on answers
  • Send Gmail notifications or follow-ups from new typeform entries
  • Launch your typeform from an email
  • Customize your link settings and meta information
  • Custom domains (for Enterprise plus accounts)
  • Using Hidden Fields with embedded typeforms
  • Block references
  • How to stop emails going to your Spam folder
  • Embed your typeform into your Shopify site
  • Embed your typeform on the new Google Sites
  • Embed your typeform on WordPress
  • Embed your typeform on Squarespace
  • Not receiving typeform notifications? Here's what to do