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How to add video to your typeform

Make your typeforms even more engaging and beautiful by adding video! There are three ways to add them to your typeforms: embedding from YouTube, Vimeo, or VideoAsk, or using our integrated Pexels library.

This article explains the how to add YouTube or Vimeo videos, as well as videoasks. Head here for more on Pexels, and here to learn more about embedding videoasks in typeforms.

1. Open the typeform from your workspace, and click on the question where you want to add a video, or add a new one. On the right, you'll see a button to Add image or video. Click that to get started:


2. This will open our media tool:


3. Select the Video tab, paste the link to your video where indicated, and click Add:


Be aware that videos cannot be set to auto-play when added to a typeform. When you add a video to a typeform, we only take the video ID to display it, ignoring URL parameters like autoplay.

Note! YouTube Shorts links are not supported.

4. You can now choose a different Layout for the video or adjust its brightness in the right hand panel. Click the Change icon to change the video:


You can only use the top three layouts with Vimeo and YouTube.



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