HubSpot integration: Installation and setup

Connect a typeform to HubSpot, create or update contacts, companies, or deals, and send that data automatically to your HubSpot account when someone submits your typeform.

You can also map Hidden Fields, File Upload questions, quiz outcomes, and custom variables to HubSpot fields, and edit the integration in the Connect panel. For a full list of mappings supported by the integration, follow this link.

You can also check out this article about source tracking, or this one about personalizing your typeforms with HubSpot.

What you’ll need:

- A HubSpot account

- A free Typeform account

Set up the HubSpot integration

To connect your typeform to HubSpot:

1. Open your typeform from your Workspace, or create a new one. I’ve chosen a short lead generation typeform for collecting people’s contact details.


2. Go to the Connect panel, and click Connect next to HubSpot.


3. Click Authenticate.


4. Click Continue with this user or create a different account.


5. Select the account you want to use and click Continue with this account, or create a new HubSpot account.


6. Click Connect app.


You can associate multiple Hubspot accounts with your Typeform account. Any account you have previously connected will be listed here. Each unique typeform can be integrated with one Hubspot account: in other words, you can’t integrate the same typeform with multiple Hubspot accounts. If you can't see the right account when setting up the integration, refer to this HubSpot article on managing multiple account.

7. Start mapping your typeform questions to HubSpot fields by selecting them from the dropdown lists. 


You can use the dropdown list to scroll through options, or start typing in the search field to quickly find Typeform questions and matching HubSpot fields:


If you're mapping to an Email field, you can check the Yes, require an email address box to make sure that contacts will only be created if respondents provide a valid email address. If you leave the box unchecked, HubSpot might create records from typeform entries with missing, mistyped, or invalid email addresses. 


We recommend selecting this checkbox if you want to track the source of your typeform in HubSpot. Without a required email address, leads created with an invalid email won't include all source tracking information from HubSpot, for example, the source of such leads will be 'Offline'.

If you’re not mapping to an Email field, you can also use the checkboxes to select when to update existing contact information. In this example, the contact details will only be updated if the First Name and Phone Number fields match those of an existing contact.


If you also want to create a HubSpot form when someone submits your typeform, you must map your Contacts to HubSpot's Email field. You can use either your typeform's Email question or a Hidden Field for this mapping.

Note! It's not possible to change the name of this form created in HubSpot.


8. Optionally, you can also map your Typeform fields to Companies...


9. ...or Deals in HubSpot.


The Winning Outcome field of a typeform is the Ending screen people will see at the end of a quiz based on their choices. 


In this example, the typeform includes a Yes/No question about signing up to a newsletter, and people will see a different Ending based on their response to this.


By mapping this to the Next step property in HubSpot, you can see who signed up to your newsletter, and as an example, add a new task to create a distribution list based on this information. You can also check out this article to find out how to create custom properties in HubSpot.


You can also map your deals to a pipeline in HubSpot...


...and select a deal stage from the dropdown list:


This provides additional context and lets you segment your deals further on your HubSpot sales dashboard. To find out more about deal pipelines and deal stages in HubSpot, check out this article.

Warning! Tracking the source of your typeforms in HubSpot requires additional configuration.

10. Toggle the switch to start tracking the source (direct, social) of your typeforms, and go to your HubSpot account dashboard to start filtering contacts by source properties. To track the source of embedded typeforms, follow the configuration instructions in our HubSpot source tracking guide (for advanced users).


11. Select the checkbox to send the existing responses of your typeform to HubSpot.


Here’s how sending existing responses to HubSpot works:

- The number of existing responses that can be sent to HubSpot is 1,000. If a form has more than 1,000 responses, only the 1,000 most recent responses will be backfilled.

- If an entry can’t be sent to HubSpot, for example, if a respondent enters an invalid email address, only that entry will fail, the other responses will be backfilled.  

- You can only send existing responses to HubSpot when you set up the integration, not when you edit it.

- Sending existing responses to HubSpot can take a few hours, depending on how many responses you’re trying to backfill and how many other users are backfilling at the same time.

- You can select a maximum  of three fields to update existing records, for example, First Name, Last Name and Email.

12. When you’re happy with your settings, click Save.


13. Now you’ll see that the integration is active in the Connect panel. You can untoggle the switch to deactivate it.


14. You can also click the three dots to Edit or Delete your integration.


If you can't toggle the switch to activate the integration, and you see an error message like the one below, click Edit to update your mappings, and then hit Save.[TYP-7752] Integration - Hubspot - Unable to activate integration (getting error) - Jira 2022-09-15 at 4.47.44 PM

When people submit your typeform, you’ll see the new Contacts, Companies, and Deals created in your HubSpot account:


For the full list of HubSpot field mappings, head to this article.

You can follow the steps in this HubSpot article to uninstall the Typeform app from your HubSpot account. When disconnecting or uninstalling the integration, your submissions and data will remain in HubSpot.

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