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Not receiving typeform notifications? Here's what to do

You can set up respondent notifications or self notifications from your typeform’s Create panel to automatically send email messages each time your typeform gets a new response. Not receiving your notification messages? Read on for some troubleshooting tips.

Note: Once you’ve set up notifications, you’ll only receive them for future typeform submissions, and not for any submissions received before notifications were activated.

If you’ve tried all of the suggestions below, and are still not receiving notifications, please reach out to our Support team using the Contact Support button at the end of this article.

1. Make sure that notifications@typeform.com has been whitelisted.

Form submission notifications are sent from notifications@typeform.com. Check your email provider’s filter and Spam settings to make sure that this address hasn’t been blacklisted or marked as spam.

If you’ve unsubscribed from all Typeform emails, you’ll have been unsubscribed from notifications@typeform.com as well. You’ll need to resubscribe to receive notifications.

This article suggests tips on preventing Typeform emails from going to your Spam folder.

Alternatively, you can use Zapier to send notifications or follow-ups from new typeform submissions through Gmail. This article offers a walkthrough of the process.

2. Check that the notification messages are properly set up.

Open your notification settings by clicking the gear icon in the Create panel, then clicking Notifications:


Click Notify me or Notify respondents to toggle on notifications and review the recipients, subject, and body of each notification type.

In particular, if you’re using self notifications, make sure that the notifications are being sent to the correct email address. By default, self notifications will be sent to the address associated with your Typeform account, but you may prefer to receive them at a different address.

3. Did you copy your typeform? Don’t forget to set up notifications!

When you duplicate a typeform, the original form’s content and design will be copied to the new form. However, settings like notifications and custom system messages will not be copied. If you were using notifications on the original form, you’ll need to set them up again on the duplicated form.

You can set up notifications by clicking the gear icon in the Create panel, then clicking Notifications:


4. Make sure that your typeform is published.

If you’ve recently updated notification settings, you may need to republish your typeform to activate the changes. Make sure that you’ve clicked the black Publish button at the top of the Create panel:


5. Check that your typeform has received new submissions.

You’ll only receive notifications for new submissions, so if you haven’t received notifications recently, it may be that no one has answered your typeform.

You can check for new responses in the Results tab of your typeform:


If you haven’t been receiving new responses, and are looking for ways to improve your typeform’s reach, check out our help section on sharing your typeform!

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