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4 easy steps to more survey responses

The main goal when building a typeform is, of course, to collect answers. Once you write down your questions and organize them into a survey, it’s time to add some improvements that can help you achieve higher response rates.

(Interested in boosting your form-building skills? Check out our guides on question design and lead capture forms.)

1. Build

- First impressions count! Create a nice Welcome Screen to greet your respondents. You can use call-to-action words and add your logo or a welcome video.

- Start with the most important questions and, if possible, don’t make the others required. You may lose your respondents at the very beginning if you start with long (and boring) socio-demographic questions.

- Keep your typeform as short as possible! People’s time is limited, so make sure they don’t quit your survey for being too long.

- “Farewell!”: Create a nice Ending, inviting respondents to share on social media. Also, give a link to your typeform’s Report. Sharing the results will improve participation in future surveys.

2. Text

- Always remember the 3S rule: Simple, Specific, Short! Use simple, common words to fit all audiences. Be specific to avoid misunderstandings. And keep your sentences short to make them easier to read.

- Write great copy, keep it friendly, and proofread it!

- Avoid personal questions as much as possible. If you don’t actually need to ask for contact information or intimate questions, don’t. Your respondents are more likely to answer if they can skip these kinds of questions.

3. Design

- Brand your typeform! Add a cool background, if possible a transparent .png, to match the background color. Choose fonts and colors that complement your brand design.

- Readability: be careful with font color and background to increase readability and test your typeform with different screen sizes and resolutions.

4. Extras!

- Consider the timing of your survey. For B2B, Tuesdays through Thursdays are generally the best days, but for B2C this is less relevant. Avoid busy times such as major holidays or events, like Christmas or the World Cup.

- Personalize your invitations. Whether you invite through email or social media, make it personal. Greet your respondents by their first name and show that THEIR contribution is important to you.

- Rewards: show that you value your respondents’ time. Whenever possible, offer a discount, a gift card, or a free white paper (and mention it at the start of the survey!). Just be sure that what you offer matches your respondents’ interests.

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