Automated Hidden Fields with Mailchimp

Now that you've mastered the art of Hidden Fields, it’s time to learn how to send a custom URL to each person who receives your typeform.

For instance, imagine that you're launching a mailing campaign using Mailchimp and you want to greet your clients by their first name when they open a customer satisfaction survey you send out. Mailchimp provides an easy way to dynamically add values to your newsletters using merge tags. Click here to learn more about merge tags.

In this example, we'll use the *|FNAME|* tag. This merge tag represents the first name of a user in your Mailchimp list. Simply replace the string of xxxxx in the URL of the typeform where you've added a Hidden Field with the merge tag, and when you send out the mail, each recipient will receive an email with a distinct typeform URL:

Merge Tag

For instance, if your client’s first name is Jamie, the URL will be:

And when Jamie receives the email and launches the typeform with the unique URL in a browser, he'll be greeted by his first name if you add Recall Information to the Hidden Field:

Note! Internet Explorer encodes the link from MailChimp in a way that makes accents and special characters (common in names in many languages) look strange in that browser. To avoid names being misspelled in Internet Explorer (Hernández instead of Hernández, for instance), you can modify the merge tag by adding “URL:” before the name of the tag.

Using the example above, it'd be:*|URL:FNAME|*

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