Send typeform responses to Microsoft Teams

With this integration, you can connect a typeform to your Microsoft Teams account, and automatically send form responses to a team channel when someone completes your form. This option is handy if your team is collecting contact information, orders, or feedback.

You can only send notifications to channels within Teams with this integration. Sending messages to personal or group chats is not supported.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Typeform account
  • A Microsoft Teams account

There are two ways to set up this integration:

  • From the Connect panel
  • From the Create panel with Notifications

To set it up from the Connect panel:

1. In the Connect panel, scroll down to or search for Microsoft Teams, then click Connect.


2. Click Authenticate to grant Typeform access to your responses.


3. Click Accept.


4. Click Authenticate to connect to your Microsoft account to Typeform.


5. Click Yes.


6. Select a Microsoft team from the dropdown list.


7. Select a Microsoft Teams channel to send the typeform responses to from the dropdown list.


8. Use the checkboxes to select which typeform responses will be sent to the integration, then click Save questions.


Note that the Teams channel will only receive typeform responses that are sent after the integration has been set up. Unfortunately, the integration cannot collect previous responses.

Tips! A token is a unique response ID that you can use to look up specific responses.

9. When you’re happy with your settings, click Save.


That’s it! Your integration is now active in the Connect panel, and you can toggle the switch to deactivate it, or click the three dots to Delete it.


Note! You can’t edit this integration in the Connect panel, but the information sent to the Teams channel will automatically show the changes you make to your typeform.

From the Create panel with Notifications:

1. Open up your typeform in the editor, click the gear icon, and select Notifications:


2. Under Notify me, click Configure next to Microsoft Teams:


3. Follow the authentication steps described above to set up the integration.

4. The integration is now active in your Notifications. Click Save or Cancel to exit the Notifications window.


You can click the three dots to delete the connection, or toggle the switch to deactivate it.


When someone responds to a typeform that’s connected to this integration, their answers will appear as a post in the selected channel of your Microsoft Teams account.



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