Add your typeform to your Linktree page

Want your audience to have all of your business’ links at their fingertips, without needing to spend time hunting for them in different places? Linktree provides a convenient, customizable landing page that stores all of your links at once.

Read on to learn how you can add a typeform to your Linktree, and even let your respondents answer the form without leaving the Linktree page! 

Note: The use of Hidden Fields is currently not supported by the Linktree integration.

1. Open the typeform you’d like to share. Make sure the form has been published, then click Share:


2. Click the Linktree icon under the share link:


3. Log in to your Linktree account, if you haven’t already:


4. On your admin page, you’ll see that a link has been created for your typeform with the title ‘Click!’. Click the pencil icon to change the title, if you like:


5. Click the gear icon to configure your typeform link:


You can choose to display your typeform inline on your Linktree page when the link is clicked, or open your typeform in a new tab. If you choose the inline option, you can show a button under your typeform that opens the form in a new tab. Click the green toggle at the bottom of the card to activate this.

Note: The icons on the bottom row of the card offer several further options for setting up your link. See the Linktree help center for more information.

6. Click the toggle in the upper right of the link card to activate the typeform link:


7. Once you’ve done this, the link will appear in a preview on the right-hand side of the screen:


8. Click the link on the preview screen to view and interact with your typeform according to the settings you chose in Step 5. Here, the typeform is displayed inline on the Linktree page, and the respondent can click a button to open the form in a new tab:


Warning! Feel free to interact with your typeform to see how it’ll look in Linktree. However, since your typeform must be published to be shared, any responses you submit while previewing your form in Linktree will appear in the form’s Results section. You can delete these responses if necessary.

9. Happy with how everything looks? All you need to do now is share your Linktree URL to easily direct your audience to your typeform.

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