Embed your typeform in a Webflow site

Webflow offers a highly customizable website building platform with a no-code approach, meaning that it’s accessible to all, and perfect for the needs of a growing business.

Read on to learn how you can embed your typeform into your Webflow site. Make it easy to collect leads, recommend products, register signups, or answer common questions!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • A typeform you’d like to embed
  • A paid Webflow account. If you’re on a Free account, you won’t be able to embed your typeform into your Webflow site, but you can use a Button or Link Block element to link to your form, instead.

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Have more questions about embedding on Webflow after reading this walkthrough? You can read Webflow’s guide to custom code embeds here.

Build your typeform and generate embed code

1. Ready to start creating the perfect form? All you need to do is log into your Typeform Workspace and create a new typeform. Start from scratch, or choose one of our templates:


2. Now, add your favorite design and all the questions you need to ask. New to Typeform? Check out our guide to your first typeform here.


If you’re creating a form to do a specific job, like scheduling appointments or collecting orders, you can also check out our Do more with Typeform section for ideas, or click on one of the guides below:

3. When your typeform is ready, click Publish in the top right corner of the screen. (You can also preview your form before publishing, to make sure everything looks right!)


4. Now that your typeform is live, it’s time to share it with your audience! Click the Share tab at the top of the page.


The Share page includes a variety of possibilities for sharing your typeform as an embed. 


Read about Typeform’s embed options here, and click Embed in a web page and select your preferred embed style to preview the embedded form:


You can embed your typeform on Webflow in any of the available formats.

Note: If you choose to embed in a full-page format, you may need to adjust the CSS of the Webflow page so that your form displays properly. Unfortunately, our team can’t provide support for custom coding solutions, but you may find this Community discussion helpful!

5. After you’ve saved any custom embed settings, click Start embedding:


6. Select Webflow from the dropdown and click Copy:


This code is ready to go - all that’s left is to paste it into your Webflow page.

Embed your typeform on a Webflow page

1. Open your Webflow site designer from your Dashboard:


2. Within the designer, navigate to the page where you’d like to add your embedded typeform.


3. Click Add Element in the upper left-hand corner of the Designer:


4. Scroll down to the Embed element under Components.


Drag and drop an Embed element to the place on the page where you’d like your typeform to appear:


5. In the dialog box that appears, paste in your embed code from Typeform. (Not sure where to find your embed code? The section above has everything you need to know!)


Click Save & Close at the bottom of the editor.

Note: You can add further custom styling options to your embed code here. However, you may want to keep a developer friend or colleague on hand, as the Typeform team can’t provide support for custom code.

6. Your embedded form will display after you publish your Webflow site. To publish your site, click the Publish button in the top toolbar. Select the domains you’d like to publish to, then click Publish to Selected Domains:


Open your site(s) after they’ve been published to make sure that everything is working correctly!


You can also preview your form on Typeform to check that everything is behaving as expected.

Embed your typeform on all Webflow site pages

You might want your typeform to show up on every page on your Webflow site, particularly if you’re embedding a contact form or FAQ guide.

This is easy to set up in your Webflow site settings, and it works especially well with the Side tab or Popover embed options.

1. From your Webflow Dashboard, click the three-dot menu on the card of the site where you’d like to embed your typeform:


2. Choose Settings.


3. Click the Custom Code tab. Paste in your typeform’s embed code in the Head Code box. (Not sure where to find your embed code? The section above has everything you need to know!)

Then, click the green Save Changes button.


4. You’ll have to publish your changes to see the embedded typeform on your site. Click the blue Publish button in the top right of the page. Then, choose the domains you’d like to publish to, and click Publish to Selected Domains:


5. Open your site(s) after they’ve been published to check that your typeform has embedded correctly.


You’re all set! Want more ideas for making the most out of Typeform? Our Do more with Typeform section has dozens of guides to get you started.

For tips on making your Webflow site the best it can be, check out the Webflow University.

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