Print your typeform responses

There are two ways to print typeform results: print your results report, or export your results and use a spreadsheet application to create a printable report. You can also print individual responses.

1. To print your report, go to the Summary tab of the Results panel and click Generate a report.


Warning: From June 20, 2022 onward, users who cancel their paid Typeform subscriptions will not be able to view or create reports from the Summary tab after their plan cancellation has gone into effect. For more details, see this page.

2. Now you'll see your automatically generated report. Find out how to customize it here. When you're happy with it, click Print:


Print your results from an external application

1. To print all results, export your results to a spreadsheet application – you can even automate this with our Google Sheets integration.

2. Open the spreadsheet containing your results. Organize the results however you like, and print them either directly from there. Here’s how to do that in Google Sheets.

Print single responses

You can print any single response from the Responses tab in the Results section. In the Table view, choose a response from the left, then click the expand icon to view it full-size: 


Once opened, click the Print icon.


In the Inbox view, click on any response from the left-hand list to open it full-size, then click the print icon.


Tips! We recommend using Table view for an improved look at individual responses. Table and Inbox view have the same features, but shiny new updates will only be released to Table view in the future. To switch to Table view, click the Table button in the top right of your Responses tab.

Finally, you can export individual responses as PDFs by changing the print destination to Save as PDF. Here's how this looks in Chrome:


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