Make a super simple registration form like Terminal 3

Digital nomad company Terminal 3 shows you how you can make registration super simple using Typeform. You can use this example to collect all the information you need from people who want to attend your event or course, with just a few questions.

1. Start at the beginning by asking for a name, with a Short Text question.

Terminal 3 02. To get back to the attendees, we need contact details. An email question does the trick. Using an email question is best, as it makes sure what respondents enter actually looks like an email question!Terminal 3 23. Then Terminal 3 founder Mevish asks for an optional Skype contact with another Short Text questionTerminal 3 Skype4. A Multiple Choice question lets people choose between a shorter or longer stay as a digital nomad.Terminal 3 multiple choice5. She asks for the start date of the trip also using a Short Text question. You could also do this with a Date field.Terminal 3 date6. Next a Long Text question gives people space to explain how they will fund their Digital Nomad lifestyle at Terminal 3.Terminal 3 funding7. Mavish uses a multiple choice question to see if the applicant has a job which allows them to work remotely.Terminal 3 remote working8. Another short text question lets people book a personal meeting with Mavish. Instead of a Date question, she uses Short Text, and adds a link to a calendar service 3-19. To finish off, she lets applicants leave a comment if they have anything more to add, and then asks where they heard about his company, both using Short Text questions.Terminal 3 last notesTerminal 3 sourceSharing this typeform on social media and embedded on a website lets people find and apply to join Terminal 3 for digital nomads. Mavish then has all his applicant details stored in one place, in the Analyze panel of his typeform.

Find out more about Terminal 3 and its founder Mevish Aslam over on a little more human.

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