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You can use a typeform to make a payment form. Sell products, pay for bookings, accept charity donations and more, by adding a Payment block. We use a system called Stripe, that lets you take payments safely and securely.

Find out how to use it, what you need to set it up, and more here.



What do I need to use the Payment block?

You need a PRO or PRO+ Typeform account, and a Stripe account. You can create a new account, or link your existing one to Typeform.

Stripe charges a very small transaction fee on payments. Find out more here.

What do I need to create a Stripe account?

A Stripe account is free. You need a valid email address, and a bank account linked to an address. Head over to Stripe to find out more.

How to use a Payment block.

1. Open the blocks menu, and click on Payment to begin:

2.  This will automatically open a menu to connect your Stripe account:

3. Click Connect with Stripe. This will open a new tab in your browser, where you can either create a Stripe account or sign in to an existing account. Once you’ve done this, the tab will close and you’ll be returned to Typeform:

4. Click Add block, and you’re ready to go! Now you can write the text for your Payment block, and use the other settings available:

In the Payment block settings you can see your connected account in the dropdown menu under Stripe Account.

Clicking the dropdown menu gives your the option to visit your Stripe account, which will open in a new browser tab, or change your Stripe account. Clicking Change Stripe Account will disconnect your account, and open the menu you can see in #2 above.

Here are some examples of using the Payment block:

Creating an order form + shopping basket using Calculator

Shopping basket: Multiply by quantity selected

Let respondents choose how much they want to pay

What currencies are supported?

Currencies available: EUR Euros, GBP Sterling, USD US Dollars, AUD Australian Dollars, CAD Canadian Dollars, CHF Swiss Francs, NOK Norwegian Krone, SEK Swedish Krona, DKK Danish Krone, MXN Mexican Peso, BRL Brasilian Real

Can I test Stripe with my typeform?

We have extensively tested Stripe integration, and are confident it provides a solid and trustworthy service. Making a test payment is not necessary.

We don’t offer test payment details, so if you want to test your typeform with Stripe, you can change the Price variable to something small ($1), and then make a payment to yourself.

My payment has been rejected or cancelled.

Our Payment block is an integration with Stripe, so Typeform does not hold or deal with your payment details. If a payment has been rejected or canceled, please contact Stripe support here or your bank.

Payment block and results

We don’t permit asking for or storing Credit Card details. Data entered into the Payment block is not stored by Typeform or available in your typeform’s results.

Example typeforms with Payment block

Get some inspiration with these three examples of typeforms using the Payment block.
Here is a simple form asking people to donate one dollar to an animal charity:

This second typeform uses the Payment block to sell an ebook:>

Our last example is an event registration form, that collects attendee information and payment for tickets: