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What happens to deleted results, typeforms and accounts

When you ask us to delete results or forms, we always ask you to confirm deletion, as we cannot restore deleted data. We take data security and privacy seriously at Typeform and do not maintain data we have been asked to delete.

We are obligated by law to delete data properly when users ask us to. So if you delete your responses, forms, or account, we cannot restore them for you, as they are removed from our systems.

I've deleted results by accident

We know that sometimes accidents do happen. As much as we empathize with the frustration of losing data that has been deleted, we have to follow regulation in this regard. European General Data Protection Regulation states that we cannot store customer data if you have requested we delete it.

If you delete your results, there's unfortunately nothing we can do. When you try to delete responses, forms or accounts, we always ask you to confirm that you are sure, to avoid accidental deletion of data.

If you're worried about accidental deletion of your results, you can download them in CSV or .XLS formats, or integrate your forms with Google Sheets to store your results there too.

If your typeform also includes a File Upload question, make sure to download the files you collected with that question separately. 

I can't see my results!

Please see this article, which explains what to do.

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