Create typeforms on mobile

Typeforms have always been fun to fill in on mobile. Now you can also create them on your phone or tablet.

Create on mobile is still in development, and some of our features are not mobile-ready yet. We think it’s already useful enough for you to try out, read on to see how to create typeforms on mobile.

Current Requirements:

Operating System – iOS
Browsers – Safari, Chrome

This article takes you through how to sign up/ log in, and create typeforms on mobile devices.

Log in/Sign up

1. To log in, go to on your iOS device. Tap the hamburger menu:

Tap Login:

Enter your login details and get building!

2. If you want to create a new account, you can click Get started, at the top of the screen.

3. Now you’re logged in, you’ll see your Workspace. This is what you can do from here:

1 – You can access the Help Center and other useful things. The Account section is not optimized for mobile yet. Please access your account settings from a desktop or laptop.

2 – Click on the Workspaces icon to view and change workspaces.

3 – The symbol lets you create a new Workspace.

4 – The search box lets you find typeforms and workspaces in your account.

5 – The New Typeform button lets you create a new typeform (See below!). Browse templates, or tap Start from scratch to make a new typeform.

6 – This + button lets Premium account holders add new team members to a Workspace.

Create a typeform

1. Let’s create a new typeform. Click the + New typeform button: …and then Start from scratch:Now you can give our form a name (and tell us what you’re creating -optionally- from the dropdown menu). Click Continue when you’re ready.2. Click the + to open the Questions menu:…and choose a question from the menu that appears, by tapping on it:
I’m going with a Welcome Screen to start, so I tap that and then write in the text I want.3. Next, tap the question icon to open Settings (the green rectangle, in this case). Now we can see what we can do with this question: Add Recall Information (Variables), Image, Video and edit the Button text.4. I’m going to add an image. You can search the UnSplash library, or tap Upload to choose an image from your iOS device.

I’ve decided to use Unsplash: I’ve searched for “event” – so now I can browse the results, and tap on the image I like to add to my question:A small image thumbnail will appear under any question you add an image to. Click the x if you want to remove your image:5. Tap + again (as in #2) to add another question. This time I’m adding an Email question.

As above, once you’ve chosen your question, write the text you want, then tap the question icon to open settings. I’ve made this email question Required – it’s essential that people complete this!

To finish this example contact form, I’ve added a Thank You screen too:That’s all there is to it! You can now share your typeform.

6. Your typeform will be saved automatically. To share and test your typeform, click the green Share icon, and then the Copy button. You can now paste your typeform’s URL into a browser (CTRL+V).7. To change your typeform’s name, or make it private, tap Create. This will open up a new menu where you can edit your typeform’s name, and toggle Public/Private mode:You can also view the Share panel and your Results. We are currently working on bringing all the features of desktop to mobile in these panels.

Warning! The Connect panel is not yet optimised for mobile: use a desktop browser to setup integrations or Webhooks.

At the bottom of the interface, there are five more buttons:Add a block – click this to open the Blocks Menu, and tap to choose.

Edit block – this opens block settings. (see point #3 above)

Design – choose from our ready-made themes, browse through any you have saved in your account, or create a new color scheme.

Notifications – You can activate your self and respondent email notifications here.

Settings – Change the language, progress bar, and toggle Typeform branding and Redirect after completion.