Make your questions required *

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For higher response rates, we recommend letting people only answer the questions that they want. But sometimes there are questions that you need answered – in these cases, you can make them required.

Here’s how to set that up on any question in your typeform.

1. Go to your Workspace, and open the typeform you want to edit. 2. Click the Question settings icon of the question you want to make required:
3. This will open the Question settings, where you can find the Required toggle. Click this to make your question required!
When activated, you’ll see a red asterisk next to any question you have set to required:
Respondents will see an asterisk at the end of any question you have set to required, too:
Now, when a person completes your typeform but skips this question, they will not be able to submit their results. Instead, they’ll see a prompt to answer your required question:

Legal questions

When a Legal question is set as Required but someone selects “I don’t accept”, they’ll see a pop-up message:

If they try to submit the typeform, it won’t send their responses but they’ll be prompted to accept the terms and conditions.

If you disable the “Required” toggle button of the Legal question under the Build panel respondents will be able to submit their responses even if they answer with “I don’t accept” to the Legal question.

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