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For higher response rates, it’s advisable to let your respondents only answer the questions that they want. Nevertheless, sometimes there are some questions that need to be answered for the purpose of the questionnaire. In those cases, you can make the answer to a particular question mandatory and prevent your respondents submitting the typeform before answering that question.

To do so, you simply need to enable the “Required” option on each question that needs to be answered.

Required question

It’s easy to know which questions are required: they have an asterisk at the end of the sentence (*).


When a Legal question is set as “Required” and respondents select “I don’t accept”, they’ll see a pop-up message: Legal Required MessageFurthermore, when they try to Submit the typeform, it won’t send their responses but they’ll be prompted to accept the terms and conditions. Legal Required Message 2

If you disable the “Required” toggle button of the Legal question under the Build panel respondents will be able to submit their responses even if they answer with “I don’t accept” to the Legal question.

And what happens when someone is skipping a required question? When they hit the Submit button their results won’t be saved. Instead, they’ll be prompted to answer the questions marked as “Required” before they can submit their responses.

Warning message

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