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We’re beavering away on the next version of Typeform. If you’re a v2 Beta Tester, use the tabs on the left to switch articles.

Multiple choice question

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Multiple choice questions are widely used and are an essential part of quizzes, exams, tests and surveys. We offer this question type with advanced settings.

Multiple choice questions can also be used to create complex question types such as Likert scale questions: to evaluate something according to any kind of set of criteria.

Here is an example from our Funny poll template (find it in our template gallery!):

Multiple choice question Funny poll example

You can add it to your typeform by:

  1. either simply clicking on the ‘Multiple choice’ question icon under the builder – and it will be added to the bottom, below the last question or field,
  2. or by dragging it and dropping anywhere inside your typeform.

Multiple choice question bar



1. You can make this question required.


2. If you switch on the Multiple selections toggle, your respondents will be able to select as many answers as they wish. You can limit the number of answers with a workaround.


3. You can randomize the possible answers, so each time someone is filling in the form, the answers will appear in a different order.


4. If you want to force the vertical alignment of the answers for a Multiple choice question, enable the option “Force vertical alignment”.

Force vertical

5. This question type also allows respondents to type in a free text answer, if you enable the “Other” option.


Multi Disabled

Currently, the Multiple choice question allows 255 characters of text in the label choice fields.

If your text is longer than that, we have the following solutions:

  • Use a Picture choice question instead: add an image with the text you want to display (edited in an image editor). You can toggle the “Supersize” button.
  • Add each choice label text to Statements first, where respondents can read the full text, then add a Multiple choice question with shortened text in the choice labels (referencing the Statements maybe).

Multiple choice question with 26+ answers

The multiple choice question has a limit of 26 answers per question:

Multiple choice limit 26

For the moment, we do not allow more answers to avoid rendering issues on low-end devices. From a User Human Experience perspective, we recommend that you use Dropdown questions for that.

If you really need to use the Multiple choice question format with more than 26 answers, the following workaround might fit your needs:

  1. Create a Question group.
  2. Count the number of answer choices you’d like to display, divide the number by 25 and add the resulting amount as Multiple choice questions into the group. For instance, if you want 100 answers, 100/25 is 4, that means you’d need to add 4 Multiple choice questions to your Question group.
  3. Create the Multiple choice questions with some kind of order in the answers to help the respondent find a suitable answer rapidly. For instance, order your answers alphabetically, if you can, into A-F, G-L, M-R and S-Z groups.
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