My first typeform

Welcome to Typeform! It’s an easy-to-use tool for collecting data, feedback, and more. We want to make data collection as easy and conversational as possible – this article shows you the basics.

1. First up, you’ll need a free Typeform account. Here’s how to set one up.

2. Log in to your account, and you’ll land in your Workspace. We’re going to build a typeform from scratch. Hit the New typeform button:
3. Now you’ll see some suggested templates for you. Ignore those for now, and click Start from scratch:4. Now we can start building. Click the + button to choose your first question. A drop-down menu will appear, where you can scroll through all the question types we offer.5. I want to make a simple contact form, so I’ll start with a Short text block, to ask for people’s names. As you type in your question, on the right you’ll see a preview appear of what your typeform will look like:

6. To move on to your next question, either click the + symbol, or hit Enter, which will immediately open the question list again.
Let’s choose a Multiple Choice question. I want to ask people how they are feeling. To make it more personal, I’ll use the name they entered in the previous question.

Type in your question, and where you want to use the name from question 1, just type an @ symbol. This will allow you to choose a variable from another question in your typeform. Here we just have one option “Hi, what’s your name”. Click that and it will be appear in your question:

7. I’ll finish up this simple typeform with a Long Text question, where people can write me a message. Hit Enter twice to move out of the Multiple Choice question (or click the + with the cursor), and choose Long Text from the question list. Type in your question, and we’re done!Your typeform is now ready to share! By default, when you save, anyone with the URL can now see it. Hover your mouse over the lock icon to toggle your typeform between public and private mode. Find out more here.


By default, typeforms have an Autosave feature, so your work is saved automatically.

You can also choose to save manually, which is ideal if you want to edit your typeform after you’ve shared it, so people don’t see your changes until they are ready. Simply click Saved in the top right of the screen, and you can toggle auto-save on or off: