Work with your results

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You can explore and download all the answers you collect in the Responses section of the Results panel.

The Responses section allows you to view individual responses to your typeform, rather than just seeing overall trends, like the Summary section does. This makes it great for diving deeper into qualitative data, to really get to know about each respondent.

Where to find your responses

Go to the Responses section by clicking on the Results panel and then on the Responses tab. The number of responses that your typeform has received will be shown in brackets in this tab.

Screenshot highlighting the Responses section

How to work with your responses

1. Order your data by clicking on the Submission time button to sort by the time the response was submitted. Alternatively, you can choose to display results in alphabetical or numerical order by answers to a particular question.

Screenshot showing how to order responses

2. Filter your results for a selected date range by clicking on the All time drop-down menu and selecting a start and end date. Click Apply and only responses from that date range will show up.

Screenshot showing how to filter responses by date

3. Search for any text or value in all your responses by typing into the search box. All of the responses that contain that search term will now be displayed in the section on the left hand-side.

Screenshot showing how to search responses

4. Change which question you are viewing responses to by selecting the question from the drop-down list.

Screenshot showing how to change question that you are viewing responses to

5. Delete selected responses by ticking the box next to a response and hitting the Delete button.

Screenshot showing how to delete responses

Screenshot of response deletion warning

6. Download the data in spreadsheet format as an XLSX (Excel) or CSV file. Click on the ‘Download all responses’ button.

Screenshot showing how to download all responses

You can download a selection of the responses by choosing which ones you want to save then clicking ‘Download’.

Screenshot showing how to download selecting responses

Now select which file format you want the data saved in and click the ‘Download’ button.

Thanks to our Google Sheets integration, you can send typeform responses to a Google Sheet of your choosing. Full information is available in this Help Center article.

7. Print your responses, or save them in PDF.

You can print your responses. Select the response you want from the list on the left, then click the Print icon, highlighted here on the right:

A prompt will open asking you to choose your printer. This is what it looks like in Google Chrome:

What’s all this other information in my responses?

When you download your responses as an XLSX or CSV file you’ll notice some extra columns in the sheet. These contain some useful pieces of information:

  • Start Date: indicates the date and time when the respondent accessed the typeform link.
  • Submit Date: indicates the date and time when the respondent submitted their responses.
  • Network ID: a randomly-generated string of characters unique to the IP address of the respondent. This Network ID is unique to the IP from which the response was collected. It can be used to detect and filter out duplicates. We don’t store respondent IP addresses, although we use the IP address to generate this ID. If several respondents connect through the same network or WiFi, they’ll have the same generated Network ID. On the other hand, if a single person is filling in your typeforms from different locations (therefore different networks) a different Network ID will be associated with each of their submissions.

Be careful when editing your typeform

When editing your typeform, it may have an impact on your collected results.

  • You can add a question to your typeform; that will not make you lose data.
  • When you need to delete a question, though, you’ll lose results associated with the question or answer option. If you need the collected data, make sure you export your data before deleting the question field.

Print your results

If you’d like to print your typeform’s results, please see our article on Your Reports, which explains the process.